Color Blocking


When two or more hair colors are placed dramatically to accent a haircut or style.



A soft ombre application that looks very subtle. Does not require much maintenance for growth.

Speed Date


10 minute color service for a lunch time color service. Price does not include a blow dry style.

Color Melting


A color service that melts up to 4 shades of the same color family together. Looks blended, however shows the different shades.



An ombre application of root color gradually lightening towards the ends, with two or more shades of blonde running through.



Full foil highiliting service that is multidimensional. Shows the different colors throughout the hair.

Full Highlite


Includes full dimensional foil highlighting. May require a base bump/toner.



Baby-fine highlites that are designed to mimic that beachy summer look. 

Highlite Retouch


Application of highliting of new growth. Typically when guest desires the same color results as previous color.

Corrective Color


Hair coloring process to eliminate unwanted tones from the hair, that usually is a result of a home hair color service.



A perfect way to add a fun shade or a lighter shade with keeping it subtle. Typically done on a guest that wants a fun color, but can wear it to a professional career.



Color fading from dark at the root and lighter on the ends. Also known as Bombre or Sombre. Typically best suited for longer hair that wants a low maintenance blonding service.

Partial Highlite


Typically foiling the crown area, or added to a root touch up. Perfect for some added dimension around your face.

Color Services:

Retouch w/ Color


Retouch Only


Also known as a root touch up. Includes root color (up to two inches) that does not require a two step process such as lowlights. Typically to cover gray.

Retouch w/ Refresher


Base Smudge


Typically applied after highliting service to blend natural hair color. Perfect for blondes that want their blonde lighter and prefer not have a dark base.

Complimentary Color Consultation

Complete color consultation, discussing all options, maintenance, and investment. Also, receive a $20 gift card to use towards your first color service. Takes about 15 minutes.

Vivid Colors/Pastels


Requires prelifting and placement of bright or not typically natural hair colors.

Shadow Root


Typically for a guest with lighter ends that wants to have the root area a couple of shades darker. Keeps a natural look and grow out.

Double Blonde


For a guest that loves her blonde hair to be light from root to end.

A root color of blonde & highlites throughout.



Hand-painted highlites that move with your hair. Typically used for a more natural desired look. Less maintenance than a foiled highlite.



A blonding service that places the color inbetween blonde and brown. Very blended.


($25 per application):

Olaplex is a color additive used to promote the strength and health of damaged or fragile hair. Can be used as a conditioning treatment to repair hair after a color service.